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Welcome to our Plogging site!

We are an organisation that aims to spread the Plogging movement around the world. Plogging comes from combining, "plogga" in Swedish "to pick up" and jogging. Get fit and at the same time clean up, it burns more calories than conventional jogging and much more rewarding.  Caring about your environment and community begins with looking after the area around you. You can make positive change instantly and easily by picking up in instead of walking past rubbish. Whether you live in a City, by a forest or next to the sea, don’t jog past the trash you see, commit to pick a bit of it up each time. It is so much more satisfying. Get your friends to join you as well. It starts with small steps. This is what the Swedes do and they recycle more trash than they produce. Swedes will often take some gardening gloves and a small bag with them when they go out jogging or hiking- that is the new norm. 


We are also working on finding practical solutions to the littering problem. We work with governments who want to ban single use plastic. We are interested in finding good alternatives to plastic that can be recycled or new technology for recycling plastic and anything else that harms nature. If you are reading this, it is likely that you are interested in this topic. Our advice is to start "plogging" today. Go around your area and start taking ownership of it. Begin picking up a bit of rubbish instead of walking by it, ignoring it and leaving it to someone else.  We are getting schools, running groups and other organisations to start plogging. We are also working with charities that are dedicated to cleaning the world’s oceans and waterways (by cleaning up beaches). 


We invite you to join us an become an Ambassador for your area and we will provide you with toolkits (such as t-shirt and poster designs) and advice on how to get interest built up within your community.  

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Allegra Hamilton
CEO of Go Plogging UK

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