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To be a successful plogger, just simply stop and pick up any litter you see along your jogging (or walking) route. To prepare, ploggers usually wear gloves while they run – to make handling trash easier – and always carry large trash bags. Once the bag is full, it's either recycled or thrown away (depending on its contents), which ultimately reduces the amount of harmful litter that makes it way to the ocean (and winds up hurting wildlife and tainting drinking water sources for humans).

Jogging and plogging

1.  Grab some plog-friendly tools. Whether it's with a durable pair of gloves or a bona fide trash picker, you'll want to have a foolproof method for picking up rubbish. Bring along a reusable (and easy to carry) tote bag to dispose of litter, and: You're ready to plog!

2.  Plog around. Don't limit your plogging to just one measly route. Do yourself (and Mother Nature) a favor and plan out different plogging paths for each of your runs. This way, you can de-clutter more ground while exercising and score a nice change of scenery.

3.  Make it a plogging party. Thanks to social media, finding people to plog with is easier than ever. Make a habit of inviting friends to join you on your weekend plog, or organize weekly group outings so you can spread the word about plogging while simultaneously disposing of tons of trash.

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