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What the hell is plogging? Where to try the new green fitness craze in London

A portmanteau of Swedish word plocka, meaning ‘to pick’, and jogging, plogging consists of collecting stray rubbish while you run. A new group called Plogolution now hosts runs across the UK, including London. Plog on!

Here’s where to Plog:

Join the Plogolution: Central London. Meet at Vivobarefoot. Tube: Covent Garden. Feb 10. Free, but book in advance.

Bound for Change organise plogging events with an instructor for big groups (from 10 and up). If you want to take it to the water, the group also organise kayaking trips where you pluck rubbish from the Thames (no catchy name for that one yet though). Try kayaking at £45 per person, or plogging for £25. 

Want to go it alone? Just grab a bin bag, some gloves and a pair of trainers and start plog yourself senseless through the best London running routes


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